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At Three Pines we strive to deliver the highest possible quality of ingredients at the most affordable prices. However, specialty coffee is a luxury and as such, is priced much higher than commodity grade coffee. Also, in our dedication to fair compensation for our hardworking team, we've adopted a no-tipping structure. This ensures transparency in our pricing – what you see is exactly what you pay. There are no additional service fees, tip screens, or hidden taxes; everything is thoughtfully integrated into the listed prices. Explore the breakdown of our costs by clicking on any beverage below.

Our Labor Rate & Hourly Wage

At Three Pines, our commitment to equitable compensation is reflected in our hourly wage of $18 for every employee. As a no-tipping establishment, we've priced our offerings slightly higher to ensure fair and equal pay. This approach is designed to encompass all costs comprehensively, including sales tax, which is already incorporated into our listed prices.

When considering the breakdown of our labor hours, we maintain two employees for both opening and closing shifts on weekdays, resulting in a total of 22 paid hours per weekday and 25 paid hours on Saturdays and Sundays. This accumulates to a total of 160 hours worked each week, with $2,880 dedicated to wages.

We are proud to share that over 50% of every dollar spent at Three Pines directly contributes to the well-deserved compensation of our dedicated team. This conscientious approach ensures that our pricing remains competitive with other specialty coffee shops, all while prioritizing fair wages and a positive work environment. We take pride in this commitment and trust that our customers appreciate the impact of their support on our team's livelihoods.

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