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Meet Our Neighbors: Three Pines

We’ve just opened up our doors and our new home is one of Salt Lake’s most bustling neighborhoods: Downtown.

Lately, we’ve been enjoying lunchtime walks around the surrounding blocks to meet our new neighbors, and we’d like to introduce you to them, as well, with our new series “Meet Our Neighbors.” Read on for a little taste of what we love so much about SLC.

Photography: River Stephenson

Homeworks: We’re new to this neighborhood but we’re already in love with it. What’s your favorite thing about being located in Downtown SLC?

Three Pines: The walkability. How clean it is. We get visitors from NY or Boston and they can't believe how tidy it is in SLC! And at Christmas they put all the lights on the trees. It feels safe. Downtown has a carefree vibe.

Hw: How’s business been since you arrived in this spot?

TP: Since we got this brick and mortar, about five years ago, our business has literally tripled. The pandemic didn't slow things down at all, but increased our to-go coffees!

Hw: Your space is beautiful, and we’re loving mood you’ve created. What’s the vibe you're going for at Three Pines?

TP: We want our customers to feel welcomed and well-taken care of. Our vibe is friendly and inviting—even though we are coffee nerds there's nothing to feel intimidated about. We are passionate about coffee and about sharing it. This is a place to experience a great cup of coffee or tea, or matcha (perhaps with milk—did we mention we make our own almond milk?) or a pastry—we even have gluten-free options! We serve craft coffee with pride but leave the geek to us, we just want you to enjoy it.

Hw: Tell us something special about Three Pines that you’d like everyone to know.

TP: There's a device called a refractometer that we use all day every day. This piece of machinery tells us the strength of the coffee to ensure we always serve the same consistent, perfect cup. It measures how many dissolved solids are in the brew to measure how intense the flavor is. We want our customers to enjoy the best cup of coffee we can possibly make—we geek out on coffee. Our attention to detail is important and we take great pride in serving a perfect brew. You can call us coffee scientists.

Hw: Sounds like it’s been an okay year to be Three Pines. So, what’s on the horizon?

TP: We have procured a new spot in the Aves that will be called "Holy Water" with hopes it will be a secular experience :). And we are also going to teach people about coffee and how to make a great cup at home! The new space will have the same concept of being warm, welcoming and friendly. It will be bigger and we are creating an environment for people to stay longer.

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